Twelve municipalities - ONE GoAL: Sweden’s best living environment

The MalmöLund Region is a body for political cooperation led by the municipal leaderships in Burlöv, Eslöv, Höör, Kävlinge, Lomma, Lund, Malmö, Skurup, Staffanstorp, Svedala, Trelleborg and Vellinge.


Our municipalities are located in the South-western corner of Skåne, Sweden’s most southerly located county. Together we develop overarching strategies which highlight the entire region’s strengths and breadth and create value by cooperating in practical issues.

The MalmöLund Region is Sweden’s gateway to continental Europe. Being in close proximity to the major European markets create excellent conditions for businesses to expand and act in a global arena.

The region has close to 700 000 inhabitants with Malmö and Lund as major population centers. Global corporations such as Tetra Pak, Alva Laval, Trelleborg AB and AAK are headquartered here, together with many more. In addition, this is the region with the highest concentration of expertise in Sweden with four institutes of higher education and one sixth of Sweden’s population with a PhD or higher education.

A number of strong business sectors thrive here, and excellent communications create strong regional links. Our population has more than 1,5 million jobs within 60 minutes of commuting, a number which is set to increase once the high speed train network is completed.

Continuous success for our region is dependent on cooperation. This is why the MalmöLund Region was created. By working together we will achieve more and maximise the region’s potential.

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